Walk In The Light

A Daily Bible Reading and Study Plan

Join us on a two year journey through the Bible.

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Starting January 1, 2023 this page will have daily readings and comments about those readings. The reading plan will cover the entire Bible in 2 years of reading 6 days a week.

Each day you will read from 5 to 15 minutes of Scripture.

How deep you get into studying after that is up to you.

You can choose to just read my short and simple commentary.

I encourage you to employ the SOAP method of Bible study and share comments either here or on the Facebook group.

SOAP stands for:

  • Scripture – Read through the passage and write down what stands out to you.
  • Observation – Check out the context. What is this verse trying to say to the original readers or listeners.
  • Application – How does this verse apply to your life now?
  • Prayer – Pray about how God wants you to apply and/or share the message of this verse.

The daily readings will be divided as follows:

  • Sundays – Poetry Books
  • Mondays – Gospels
  • Tuesdays – Pentateuch (1st 5 books of the Bible)
  • Wednesdays – History Books
  • Thursdays – Letters
  • Fridays – Prophets
  • Saturdays – I’ll throw in special readings appropriate to the season.

Click the PDF Reading List button above if you would like to download and print your own copy of the reading list.

Your opinions are welcome and wanted!

All are welcome to take part in the conversation. While most of the people in this group are followers of Jesus by faith, all are welcome regardless of current faith or background.

Please abide by the following guidelines when commenting:

  • Be polite, show respect – no name calling, shaming, swearing, or bullying. You can disagree with others without belittling them.
  • No spam – you may share a link to a blog or article but absolutely no links to sales sights unless specifically requested.
  • English only. If you would like to share this reading plan in another language, I would be glad to share the entire reading plan for you to share in another language on another site. Bottom line is I am only fluent in English so I can’t moderate other languages.
  • Be Safe – Please do not reveal private information on this page as it is completely public.
  • While I will not remove comments that politely disagree with me, I reserve the right to remove comments that do not follow these guidlines