January 1, 2023

Sunday – Poetry

Psalms 1-3

Highlight Verse –

“I will not fear though tens of thousands assail me on every side.”

Psalms 3:6 NIV

King David amazes me. He is literally running for his life, yet he takes a break to write this Psalm. And he includes a verse like this.

I want that kind of confidence. Even though his world is falling apart and his kingdom is coming crashing down around him, David still trusts that God will protect him.

What’s even more amazing in my mind is that David knows that he brought this disaster upon himself. It was prophesied to him after he had Uriah the Hittite killed. David repented of that but this disaster still resulted.

So, even though he is in the middle of a disaster that resulted from his own actions and the betrayal of one of his own sons, David still trusts God completely.

How did David get to this point of complete trust?

How can we stay in that place of faith in the middle of our crises?

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