January 13, 2023


Friday – Prophets

Isaiah 4-6

Highlight Verse –

“What sorrow for those who are wise in their own eyes and think themselves so clever.”

Isaiah 5:21 NLT

It is the tendency of those of us with OCD to see the way we do things as the only correct way. We are wise in our own eyes.

Then I read this verse.


Okay, I know there are other ways to do things. But I can’t bring myself to do them any other way. That’s okay. But when I see other people do things differently, biting my tongue is not enough.

I have to refrain from thinking my way is better and I’m so clever for thinking of it.

The struggle is real!

But pride is a sin that I have to repent from daily. I’ve come a long ways but I have a much longer ways to go.

Do you struggle with pride?

Have you come up with any great ways to deal with OCD? (Please share!)

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