January 16, 2023

Monday – Gospels

John 4

Highlight Verse:

“Jacob’s well was there, and Jesus, tired as he was from the journey, sat down by the well. It was about noon.”

John 4:6 NIV


I am tempted to think “This is Jesus. Why is He tired?”

This passage goes to prove that Jesus was fully human. His miracles and resurrection and ascent prove His divinity.

But that’s not the main point I got from this passage.

Jesus, despite being tired and thirsty, uses this opportunity to reach out to the people of Sychar through His conversation with the woman at the well.

He did not let His exhaustion get in the way of touching people who need Him.

As it happens, at this moment, I am rather exhausted. I know the temptation of wanting to ignore the rest of the world and just relax. But I took advantage of my opportunities to reach out to students this evening and to you tonight.

There are other times when we don’t feel like talking to people but the opportunities abound. While I don’t always do it, I believe it would be wise for us to follow Jesus’ example here and share the Good News with those around us through situational opportunities like this.

Have you ever had a chance encounter that turned into a fruitful conversation?

How could you be more aware of those opportunities that arise in everyday life?

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