January 22, 2023

Sunday – Poetry

Psalms 10-12

Highlight Verse:

“Why, Lord, do you stand far off? Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble?”

Psalms 10:1 NIV

Is it okay to question God? Is it okay to be mad at God?

If you’re a parent, are your kids ever mad at you? Do they question you?  Does that bother you? If it does what about it bothers you?

If God is our Father, I believe that He can handle it when we question Him and even express our frustration to Him as long as we do it with respect.

As a dad, I would rather know when my kids are frustrated with me.

Usually, that can be turned into a teachable moment

in which I can explain the reasons behind my decisions or opinions.


Of course, there’s a big difference between me and God.

Sometimes I’m wrong.

God is always right.

But I think He also takes our frustrations and turns them into teachable moments. Some of the greatest things I’ve learned in this life have come out of times of frustration and even anger.

As far as I can recall, every time David writes verses like this, he comes around to God’s point of view by the end of the Psalm.

We can relate to his occasional frustrations. We can learn from what God teaches him.

What lessons have you learned in the times of frustration?

How have you managed to maintain respect for God while expressing those frustrations?

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