March 21, 2023

Tuesday – Pentateuch

Reading – Genesis 19-20

Highlight Verses:

““My Lords,” he said, “come to my home to wash your feet, and be my guests for the night. You may then get up early in the morning and be on your way again.” “Oh no,” they replied. “We’ll just spend the night out here in the city square.” But Lot insisted, so at last they went home with him. Lot prepared a feast for them, complete with fresh bread made without yeast, and they ate.”
‭‭Genesis‬ ‭19‬:‭2‬-‭3‬ ‭NLT‬‬

What if Lot hadn’t insisted that the two stay at his house?

I honestly believe the angels would have been fine. They’re angels. They protected Lot when the townspeople came to abuse them.

I don’t think Lot and his family would have survived.

Lot demonstrated righteousness when he tried to protect the angels. Had he not done that, I think the angels would have let him die with the rest of Sodom.

Think about that. With unselfish motives, Lot actually saved himself and his family.

Here’s the catch for us. Selfless acts aren’t really selfless if we do them with the selfish motive of winning God’s favor. In other words, the selfless act cannot make up for the selfish act.

Here’s how I would sum it up.

Do selfless acts out of love for God and your fellow humans, not because of some side benefit you would get from the act.

Besides, salvation for us is not dependent upon what we do but on what God already did for us and our acceptance of that.

What motivates you to perform selfless acts?
What do you do to make sure they are truly selfless?

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